Released From The Hospital

Over the night, Lucas’ oxygen levels went back up to the 96% plus range without supplemental oxygen. Lucas no longer has a fever or is lethargic, tested negative for viral infections, and his white blood cells went down from 17 on Saturday morning to 7 on Sunday morning. Lucas still has an intermittent cough. But he is showing many signs of improvement. So the hospital released Lucas around 2pm! Lucas will remain on the meds until all symptoms are gone. With each passing day Lucas’ lungs should become more open.

We moved our flight home from this evening to Tuesday evening. Jet Blue waved the rebooking fees of $80 per person. The flight cost was even $40 per person cheaper. So now we have travel funds available with Jet Blue for future flights.

Gigi worked her magic with the Yawkey House (Boston Children’s Hospital housing) for us to have the same room through Tuesday morning. Gigi has been such a big help for all of us!

Thank you for the many prayers! We know the Lord is watching over Lucas & giving all of us an abundance of strength.

2 thoughts on “Released From The Hospital

  1. Magnificent news! And yes Gigi is a miracle worker in her own ways. God continues to show his power and majesty. Glory be.

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