Flying Home (maybe)

Respiratory distress in a kid like Lucas is pretty complicated. The last few days have been a roller coaster, but generally speaking, Lucas is doing a bit worse instead of better. It’s the opposite of what we were hoping and expecting. Now, the question is, is Lucas well enough to get on a plane and fly home, or put another way, can we be away from emergency access to a hospital for about 10 hours?

We are speaking with the doctors in a few minutes to talk about this very question. Lucas’ O2 sats are still much lower than normal. The good news is that whenever we do get home, we’ll have access to his nebulizer and CPT vest – two things we could really use right now.

3 thoughts on “Flying Home (maybe)

  1. Just read this: Psalm 42:5 ” Why am I discouraged? Why am is my heart sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise Him again, my savior and my God.” He is with you, stay strong. We are all praying. PaPa and Nani

  2. Look st the positive side- Lucas is in the best of hands at present and when you do get home, you know what to do there. Prayers continue for him.

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