Life is Good

Since returning home from Boston Children’s Hospital at the beginning of September, Lucas has been doing GREAT!

At the advice of our surgeon, we cut out the evening bottle of formula which must have been causing Lucas to wake up from reflux in the middle of the night. Now, a good 6 out 7 nights a week Lucas sleeps through the night. Heavenly!

Lucas is starting to use his potty chair on a more regular basis. In fact, on Saturday he peed in the potty chair a record 8 times! But don’t get too excited. The very next day he didn’t go pee even once in the potty chair. Ha!

We’ve been scheduling more play dates with friends & family members. Lucas still has an immune deficiency. But, we decided he needs to have more kid time. So we’ll risk Lucas getting sick in order for Lucas to have a more normal childhood. Of course, we always double check that whoever is coming over has not been sick or around anyone sick in the last week.

Since returning home, we changed up Lucas’ bedtime routine. Previously, Lucas required me to stand up & rock him in my arms for a good 45 minutes to fall asleep. Now, we have Lucas lay in our bed with us to fall asleep. Then, we carry his sleeping cute cuddly body to his own bed for the night. 🙂

Lucas is super adorable when he’s laying in bed with us. Lucas loves saying the word baby. So we decided to get Lucas excited for prayer time by starting our evening prayer with ” Dear baby Jesus”. Then, Lucas thanks Jesus for “Daddy, Mommy, Papa, Nani, more Papa, Gigi, dog,” and any other names or words that he says out loud. Lucas loves to repeat the words over & over again. Most evenings a mixture of the names turn into a fun song to the beat of Old MacDonald. For example, ” Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Gigi, Gigi, Dada, E-I-E-I-O!” The song will be sung over & over again until he’s almost asleep. Lucas is so adorable!!!

Thank you for the continued prayers & support. We are finally getting to live a normal life in AZ without an upcoming surgery on our radar until possibly as far out as May which would be a record 8 months at home. God is so good!

2 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. so happy to read this post with only positive developments and happy moments. Praying for those to continue for a very very long time… is praying for it to stay like this forever, asking too much?!
    P.S. Ella is also a fan of baby Jesus. When she says her prayer at night, she ends with “thank you baby Jesus, have a fun day tomorrow” Hugs and kisses from the Bolins

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