This week, Lucas learned how to say a very special new word…Amen! Before meals, he takes our hands, closes his eyes (he does an adorable sneak peak every few seconds), we say our prayer over the meal to baby Jesus, and then we end the prayer by saying Amen. Plus, he started saying Amen after our evening prayer. Soon, Bryan will help me post a video to show everyone how absolutely adorable Lucas sounds when he says Amen. Cuteness overload!

3 thoughts on “Amen

  1. A big Alleluia and an AMEN for Lucas. You are certainly teaching him the right way. Amen and Amen again Lucas

  2. We have seen his cuteness as he prays and sneaks in his peeks. How delighted it makes us that he is being taught to pray early on. PaPa and Nani

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