1st Boo-Boo

Dada decided Lucas needed to try some rock climbing on our pool fountain & balance beam walking along the pool wall. While having fun climbing down off the pool fountain, Lucas got his 1st boo-boo. 😦 Surprisingly, Lucas didn’t cry or seem too bothered by the scratch on his elbow.

For future reference, Lucas will not be doing either of these things again when Mama is around.







4 thoughts on “1st Boo-Boo

  1. Great photos.. now I know that I am spending a night with you guys next time I’m in phx..beautiful yard!!!!! now I understand why Lucas so happy in the yard

    • Please do stay with us when you visit AZ next! Warning – Bryan may try to convince you to dive off of the waterfall into the pool. Doesn’t matter the temp outside. 🙂

  2. Awww! Ouchee! Ill bet you’re glad Dada “did the honors” of causing Lucas’ first boo-boo. Hopefully all the others are minor too. (The pictures are really cute.)

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