Big Boy Behavoir

Here are the big boy stories to share from just this morning.

#1 When Lucas woke up this morning, he stepped down out of his bed & came to our room for the 1st time. Before today, he always waited for us to come to his room before he stepped down out of bed. This is a game changer! I’m happy Lucas is becoming more independent. But, hoping he doesn’t start coming to our room in the middle of the night to say hello…. See below to see a picture of Lucas sleeping in his bed. BTW – Our surgeons from Boston Children’s Hospital recommended we keep Lucas’ bed elevated at least 7%+ to help reduce his acid reflux when he sleeps.

#2 While we were at the Tempe Festival of the Arts, Lucas told us he had to go pee & held it the few minutes it took for us to get to a toilet. Then, Lucas peed while sitting on an adult sized toilet in a public restroom! Of course, with the paper liner on top of the toilet seat. Ha! My mind was freaking out & thinking of all the germs in the public restroom. After Lucas was done peeing, he experienced an extra long & thorough hand washing with both Mama’s & Gigi’s assistance.

#3 At the festival, Lucas ate two new items for the 1st time…cotton candy & a crepe filled with eggs & sausage! The crepe is most exciting because it has both milk & butter in the batter. Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to get Lucas’ gut to build up a tolerance to dairy. Two hours have passed since he ate the crepe & there are no signs of an allergic reaction. Very exciting!

Since the weather in AZ is breezy & in the 80’s, we are trying to attend more outside events where Lucas can be a normal kid without us being as worried about his immune deficiency. I can’t wait for the day when Lucas no longer has an immune deficiency. But, for now, we are still living a pretty good life!


Big 1st

Big 1st…Lucas pooped in the potty chair for the 1st time!!! Yes, we are sharing this exciting news with everyone. Ha!

For weeks, we’ve been trying to get Lucas to use the potty chair more often. Just last week, Lucas started wearing underwear during the day time to encourage potty chair usage. But, he never would even think of going poop in the potty chair. Today, he went poop all on his own without Jackie (our nanny) even knowing it was happening. After he was done, he said he had pooped. Big step in the right direction!

Can’t wait for the day when we no longer need to buy diapers. 🙂