On Saturday, we decided to take our immunologists advice & start taking Lucas out since the cold & flu season is over. We decided to arrive at IKEA a little after the store opened to have the smallest crowd. Lucas started out in the stroller & eventually walked around the store right by our sides  When my back was turned for less than a second, Lucas started pushing the store cart. My head was freaking out & nervous to see Lucas touching the cart with so many germs. But my heart was overwhelmed with joy at seeing how happy Lucas looked when he was pushing the cart. Bryan said the damage was done so we might as well give him a moment to have fun. Before we left IKEA, I gave Lucas a good hand and arm cleaning.

Next, we went to Texas Roadhouse for a tasty lunch out. Gigi even met us up!

Once home, Lucas received a full body cleaning & we changed his clothing before putting him in bed to take a much needed nap.

Loving this awesome life we’ve been blessed with!



2 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. Strolling around in my “automobile” with no particular place to go…(or so the song goes) How cute. I’m glad you all got to experience his “ride” Looks like he did it all in stride.

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