Dr. Oz – The Good Life Magazine Article

We are excited to share the Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine included an article titled “Open Home, Open Heart” in their December 2016 edition which highlights Lucas’s medical miracle story and our positive experiences with Anu who is a member of the Hospitality Homes non-profit organization which provides free lodging whenever we are in Boston for surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital. We still can’t believe Lucas’s story made it into a national highly acclaimed medical magazine!!! Plus, there is even a lovely picture of our family located at the center of the article.

So, the next time you are at a grocery store, check out the magazine area to read our article on page 100. The December issue should be on store shelves through December 14.

Attached is a scanned copy of the article.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Oz – The Good Life Magazine Article

  1. Such a beautiful story and a beautiful message. Reminds me of the birth of the baby Jesus and how there was no room for him in the inn. Sort of the same for Lucas and for you and Bryan and how a “stranger” took you in. God always prepares a way and answers your prayers in His time and in His ways. Calling and praying on Him now.

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