T-Ball Season

Lucas’s 2nd t-ball season officially started today. I am in awe at how much more fun Lucas is having this time around!!!

On the way to the game, I told Lucas how proud we were of him for just joining the team and all that mattered was he had fun. Well, I can assure you Lucas had a blast!

Lucas got low to be ready for a ground ball. Ran to get the ball. Patiently sat on the bench with his teammates and waited for his turn to hit the ball. When it was his turn up to bat, he really wanted to hit the ball. Most surprising was Lucas ran to 1st base all on his own! This was a big accomplishment!!! He even waited between each hitter to run to 2nd, 3rd, and then home base!!!

I will close by saying a fellow Mommy pointed out Lucas had the biggest cheering squad which consisted of Papa Lou, Gigi, Papa Bob, Nani, Aunt Jenny, Zoe, Bryan, & me. 🙂 Big thanks to our family for attending Lucas’s 1st game of the season!!!

Cute shot of the Sun Devil’s Team on the bench. #24

Right before the opponents batter hits the ball, Lucas gets low  to be ready for a ground ball.

Lucas running to get the ball.

Family photo.

2 thoughts on “T-Ball Season

  1. You all must have been very impressed with Lucas’ performance! He is so darn smart and “catches” (pun intended) on quickly. I hope we can get to see one of his games. They are such a delight to watch when they are so young and reminisce afterwards. Keep on “pitchin'” in, Lucas.

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