Boston Children’s Hospital – Video

This is the phenomenal team of surgeons and nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital who have given Lucas the amazing gift of a working esophagus! I can’t possibly convey how blessed we feel since our insurance allowed us to transfer Lucas’s medical care to Boston Children’s Hospital. If your child ever has a unique medical issue, please contact Boston Children’s Hospital.

Click in the video within the below link to see Dr. Jennings, Dr. Manfredi, Dori, and many more of our life savers.


Over the long weekend, Lucas was hit with a cold. On the brightside, this is the 1st time (in his 4 years of life) Lucas has kept his oxygen levels high enough to stay at home rather than be rushed to the hospital. Thank you Jesus! 

Please say a prayer Lucas continues to get better from home. Our bags are packed in case his oxygen levels get any lower.
Strange Fact: For 3 out of Lucas’s 4 years of life, he has been in the hospital sick over the 4th of July weekend. 

Happy Father’s Day

Better late than never. Happy Father’s Day to Bryan, Papa Bob, & Papa Lou!

Bryan – Thank you for being Lucas’s & my rock. Plus, thanks for always increasing the fun factor for Lucas!

Walking on the wall with Lucas after church…

Easter Cookies

Below is a link to a video from Easter. Lucas received a big box of gourmet cookies & a fun toss game from his Aunt Linda & Uncle John. As you will see, Lucas’s 1st thought was to share the cookies. Very sweet!
BTW – Big THANK YOU to Aunt Linda & Uncle John! You are always so thoughtful.

1st Teeth Cleaning

Lucas acted like a pro at his 1st teeth cleaning! He’s so good.

He kept his mouth wide open. Never complained. He was extremely well behaved and enjoyed watching Mickey Mouse on the TV above.

Dad enjoyed playing Ms. Pacman with Lucas for the 1st time. Dad loves the game!

Family Sunset Pic

Living in AZ means we are spoiled with gorgeous sunsets. Tonight, we drove to an empty field behind Intel (less than a half a mile from our house) and watched the sunset. Priceless memories made with Lucas!

Happy Birthday Nani

Happy Birthday, Nani! (AKA Peggy Cox, gorgeous, & loving mother/wife)

Attached is a video from Friday night when the entire family celebrated Nani’s birthday with a tasty dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
On Saturday morning, Nani, Papa Bob, & Papa Lou attended Lucas’s t-ball game. As you can see in this video, Lucas found it difficult to focus on the game when birthday girl Nani was around. So funny!
After the game, we continued celebrating Nani’s birthday by walking around a car show admiring shiny Corvettes of all years. Then, we enjoyed a birthday lunch at the Ocotillo Golf Course. Nani sure is loved!